Piermari Hotels Limited & The Village Inn Hotel
Policy and Procedures Ontario’s Regulation 429/07 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Piermari Hotels Limited known as the Village Inn Hotel Bradford has implemented policies and procedures dealing with the special needs of patrons with disabilities.

Management and Staff will continue to generate new ideas and identify how to pursue and implement them effectively.

Management and Staff will continue to seek better understanding of the complexities that surround disabilities in the attempts to continue to improve our service ethics.

Management and staff recognize the need to assist, in any way possible, our patrons with disabilities while providing customer service.

All areas of the establishment are open to people with disabilities. The staff do their best to accommodate individuals in wheel chairs, sight issues and other debilitating handicaps.

A wheel chair entry ramp is available as are wheel chair accessible washrooms. Management and Staff pay special attention to those patrons who find it difficult to serve themselves and require individual assistance. We provide assisted, friendly, timely, caring service at all times. 

Management has and does employ persons with limited disabilities where possible.

Staff are helpful and caring with staff members with special needs.

The Village Inn allows service animals Monday thru Thursday from opening to closing.

On Friday and Saturday service animals are allowed from opening to 10 p.m. If the person wishes to remain until close the security staff will attend to the animal until the person is ready to leave.

The Village Inn permits third person support persons free entry when there is a cover charge if they are assisting a person with a disability.

Should the establishment be closed for any period of time notices are posted outside the building noting the length of time the business will be closed and why it is closed. If there is limited access at any time staff will guide anyone requiring assistance and provide service if service is available.

Should the Village Inn need to close for a period of time, hours will be posted on our web site noting the reason and the date of closing and of re-opening. Should the date change the web-site will be updated.

The Village Inn responds to all feedback regarding the provision of goods and services. If the complaint comes by web-site our response is noted on the site.  If the complaint comes by letter it is dealt with by letter. Management has instructed staff to note all complaints and file such with the office staff or management personal. Management addresses complaints in a timely fashion.  If the complaint is in regards to poor service than a meeting is called with the staff member on duty to discuss the concern and is attended to immediately. If the person leaves a phone number or an e-mail address an apology will follow as well as some form of restitution. Management and staff take complaints very seriously.

Management and Staff of the Village Inn treat all patrons with respect, in a friendly, caring fashion and provide assistance whenever and wherever possible.

Management expects all staff members to adhere to the regulations concerning the policies and  practices of Ontario Regulation 429/07.s.6(1),

O. REg.429/07,s.6(2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

Customer Service Standard Documents are available upon request by emailing The Village Inn Bradford at: info @ villageinnbradford.com